Study Group

The world famous Japanese floral art ikebana has arrived in Zurich!

The Ikenobo Zurich Study Group is an innovative ikebana group in Europe. That means that we offer classes in different locations and in different languages – ensuring that many enthusiasts get the opportunity to practice the art in their vicinity, in their native language.

We are located in Zurich and provide classes in Zurich and various locations in the Netherlands.

President (Leider)

Reginaldo Bockhorni
Professor Ikenobo, 1. Grd – Sokako

Contact Personen

Reginaldo Bockhorni
Contact person for
Switzerland: Zurich and Region

Anke van der Kwaak
Contact person for
Netherlands: West and Center

Jeannet Smeenge
Contact person for
Netherlands: North and Easter

If you have any questions about ikebana/Ikenobo and our study group, and/or would like to join us for one of the activities, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Reginaldo Bockhorni
Bergstrasse 123
8032 Zürich


Tel: +41 76 371 6166 / +31 (0)6188 18647